Programme "LEUTENANT"

What is included in the programme?

  • Military uniform (suit, gloves, tank helmet, goggles)
  • Instruction
  • Riding on an infantry fighting vehicle - 45-60 min.
  • Programme tank competitions, tank quest - 45 min.
  • Historical story about the exposition of small arms of the World War II times
  • Master-class on assembly-disassembly of AK-74
  • Military tactical techniques of weapon handling
  • Training shootings* of unique and rare 1940s rifles will be organised for all participants. Shooting from 14 types of hunting weapons - 10 shots (PPSh, AK-47, AK-74, AK-103, AK-12, TT, PM, Mosin rifle, RPD, RPK, PD, SVT, SKS, DP)
  • Military field kitchen
  • Photo zone with military equipment and tanks

Duration: 2,5 hours
Number of participants: 1 participant, you can join a crew of up to 8 people
Gift certificate: the participant can sign up for the nearest date of the group race, or for the next one. The certificate itself is valid for 1 year

* only holstered weapons, pyrotechnics and simulated shots are used at the range.


Infantry Fighting Vehicle (BMP) - The world's first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle. Combat mass - 12.6 tonnes. The engine is diesel, 300 hp. Maximum speed on the motorway is 65 km/h.
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